Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Kraslin’s model of therapy recognizes the myriad difficulties associated with creating change.¬†When people enter treatment, they are often unaware of the factors influencing their emotions and behaviors. These elements can leave people feeling stuck and may cause difficulties with work and in relationships.¬†Additionally, they often create unhappiness in the form of disturbances in mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

In individual psychotherapy with Dr. Kraslin, insight is gained into the previously unknown forces that influence each person’s current relationships and behavioral patterns. As this process gets underway, the individual gains awareness about how his/her unique experience of life may have shifted or developed over time. Some goals of individual therapy may include removing unwanted symptoms, changing life patterns and expanding the freedom to experience fulfillment through work and love.

Dr. Kraslin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She does not directly bill insurance but some companies will reimburse for her services. She charges $165 for initial intake sessions and individual therapy (with occasional sliding scale availability).